Alien Among the Galaxy

A series of unfortunate events

While riding through space…Got a call from a butler guy gave me 1000 credits staring….to complete a contract. Aaaah a contract I haven’t stretched my legs in a long time. The coordinates are on a difficult planet I was distracted….FUCK!…crash landed and was approached by a strange human Phoenix Knite who moved my ship out of the muck with his mind…agreed to help me repair my ship and to keep his secret to myself.
He informs of his crew who can help me repair my ship….
I see with him and his crew money equals trust and I (even though I hate to admit it) need help and I’m being guaranteed money so..for now I trust them. We are flying for me to (reluctantly) sell my ship (eh for the love of money and the gaining of trust i suppose) meanwhile the members of the crew are talking about this ludicrous plan to take on Starbucks.
Damn! I really love their coffee and tea…if it makes money and it helps me reach my ultimate situation I guess I will go along with all of this madness.
*Meditates on my current situation and my ultimate contract *
I have a long trip ahead of me but my training teaches me that patience is the key to absolute success.



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