Alien Among the Galaxy

Another Day, Another Problem!

again with the plotting and violence?!

Holo log Pyronkuse:

Pyron appears in the view screen

“Its been a while since my last log” he says as he leans into his chair. “today I had to deal with some energy draining bats that were ruining my ship. My brand new ship!! I hate pests”
He strokes the console in front of him as he would a pet, “I even damaged my vessel dealing with them…. poor thing. We landed in a fairly decent planet. parts and equipment as well as supplies needed were found rather quickly. I stayed on the ship of course to fix up the beauty. And to keep out of sight… who knows who’s out there and if they are looking for a wookiee.
We even picked up a stray human. I’m keeping my eye on him for the time being… he claims he’s a butler…. could be nice to have a nice clean ship every now and again…. if that is his intention that is.”

They wanted to pick up a job to earn a little extra creds…. they had a choice of delivery…. which is a fine and low profile job…… or bounty hunting…… killing for hire

with a tired voice he speaks Xaczik “ggrrrrrryyyphhh waaaaa woooommm. quarrrrr yyyyoooo veeen errrarrkish. aruruuurr draaaaaash rwaaamph rha. craaaaaaaar oooorrrrrd reeeeash reeeem”

He looks around to see if anyone was nearby “Xaakksichhss ffrrrrr kkkaaaaash phoooaaarrr. uuurraaaa crreeea meehh hhhhhoooaoaaah”
The wookie looks frustrated and concerned, “Rrrraaannn haaaa, aaaamooaas trrruuuuaaa!!! ckkkrrrrrrroaooaaa frrrreeea nmmmooooak.”
He speaks in a low rumbling voice. " Juuushhrdrdrdrdr hhaaaannnn groaxx woooodreeeess frrrreeennnphh. Drrrriiin nooeooerr krrruk…"

the holo goes blank.



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