Alien Among the Galaxy

Arrest at a funeral

We’re on Naboo for Asudam and Ardana’s “funeral”, and to pick up a few odds and ends. Oh, nothing big. Things like a new ship, disguise kits, cloaks, and other black market items. And to meet with my contact. The man who contracted us to kill the fabulously wealthy Ni’ete twins. The Butler.

I’ve never seen a facility so decked out. I’ve seen military installations that were less guarded for the “Funeral of the Century”. Security, armed escort droids, prototype bioscanners with an identity mod. You’d think Padme Amedala herself was going to rise from the dead!

I broke in to the complex largely with the help of Phoenix Knite and “Zaza” Faselli. Knite is force sensitive to boot. But he’s not the only one. I’ve discovered that I’m force sensitive too. I guess the grief from losing Prenom to Star Bucks has unlocked something in me. Thank the Score Keeper!

So we’re in the Ni’ete complex. We use Ardana’s intel on her home to negotiate the tunnels, air ducts, and secret passages. I’m looking for the butler. These clowns are looking for petty creds and jewels. Sith’s Blood! I’m here to collect on the deception of the decade, and these guys are picking up coppers and chips. I broke off from them and Ardana when they tripped the alarm trying to break into the Ni’ete family safe.

So I find that Huttspawn butler with the crew at my back. Phoenix and Zaza stay outside to watch the door, while Ardana and I roll up on him in disguise. You should have seen his face when I revealed myself… no, not in that way. Then he starts with the fast talk and I have enough. Instead of having him scream for help, I escort him out to the crowd of mourners with Ardana in disguise in tow. He makes his speech about how I killed the Ni’ete twins, and then Ardana removes her disguise.

Now the security is justified!

Ardana tells her parents that she and Asudam are alive and well. She also tells them that the butler contracted me to kill her. I play the holorecoding of the butler’s request. The authorities arrested me, but the parents started to believe me. Then I pushed with the force. I insisted on my innocence and demanded to have the charges dropped. The police accommodated and were taking me to the precinct for my statement. We went outside…

And there were starships. The starships blotted out the sun.



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