Alien Among the Galaxy

Breaking News

“Ok! OK! I admit we might have lost them until Naboo, however my family have recover a related news cast that could have assisted them in plotting their next steps…”

*The Old Bathan brings out and old Holo-recording of a past news reel. On it you see an attractive, professionally dressed female Twi’lek and Bith sitting in a chair with papers in their hands staring forward *

Female Twi’lek: “Greetings Galaxy, this is your favorite news personality…”
Female Bith: …she means personalities. (said below her breath)figured you didn’t know how to count…"
Female Twi’lek: “Of course, personalities. I am the beautiful Oola Y’nal.”
Female Bith: “And I am the intelligent Forta Minival.”
Both in Unison: “Here to show you the Universe!”
Female Twi’lek: “Top story today, Mega Corporation Star Bucks has gone through great length to save a random child in what the company’s PR department has dubbed Saving Other’s Spawn…”
Female Bith: “… or S.O.S for those of us here that can not put those letters together.”
Female Twi’lek: “True e-Nerf Forta… I mean enough. True enough.”
*The female Bith looks at her co-anchor with disdain *
Female Twi’lek: “Though it is unclear why this particular child, who’s name is Prenon, has been chosen, one things has always been certain. Star Bucks never does anything without a purpose. But whatever the purpose is the Galaxy has never been more on board with saving the life of this one particularly cute little girl. Almost makes you wish it was possible for you to have children eh Ms. Minival.”
*The Twi’lek laughs *
Female Bith: "As ‘practiced’ as you are Ms. Y’nal, I am quite surprised by the lack of a queue in your pants. And speaking of coupling. The couple Zatan and Lilix Ni’ete, respected nobles of the planet of Naboo, are scheduled to be holding the funeral of their two adopted twi’lek daughters Ardana and Asudam. Though the event is private, the couple is rumored to be pulling out all the stop for their daughters send off into the afterlife. Besides the festivities, security is planned to be extra tight all around the compound, to ensure the safety of the dignitaries rumored to be attending this event.

Though details are sketchy on the exact circumstances of their deaths informants have revealed that the Imperial terrorists responsible for the Massacre of Sluis Van are involved. According to Authorities be on the lookout for a Trandoshan named Jabra Rothgar and Wookie, Pyronkuse. Do not approach as both are armed and extremely dangerous. A droid, who was later identified as designation CT-S1, was seen piloting their escape is also wanted for questioning."
Female Twi’lek: “In other news. Will Yorta be alone forever? The answer? Yes.”

*The Bith slugs the Twi’lek in the face as a fight ensues before the holo-recording ends *

“What do you mean is there more to the recording? We got the information we needed. Who would want to see two women fighting on the galactic news?”



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