Alien Among the Galaxy

Dr. Rylar Stark - Super Scientist!

Success at the cost of failure

Dr. Rylor Stark is seen activating his holo recorder. He is in what appears to be a fully functional laboratory. There’s a medical droid plodding about, test tubes, beakers, lab mice in cages, two bacta tanks, and filmsi-plast tablets about. He is wearing a white lab coat, goggles, and the widest smile in the galaxy.

I’ve done it… I’VE done it… I’VE DONE IT!!!

No one can take this joy away from me! No one can replicate my success!! Why is that you ask? Because I, Dr. Rylor Stark, Esq., has taken the next great step in advancing the genome! Not just simple replication, like in the clone troopers. But manipulation of the genes. I have discovered how to coax a gene to express it’s fullest potential!!

Here on Bespin, I have become the galaxy’s premiere scientist. I am more than a scientist. I am MORE than a super scientist. I am SUPER SCIENTIST SUPREME!!! And to think it all started when this group of thugs I’m working with went into some underground death matches on Bespin.

How can a city in the clouds have an underground anyway?

In any case, they were fighting and betting on themselves. They one tons of credits, but I wound up the victor! They came back badly wounded. I can understand how they got that way, having pushed themselves to their physical limits. But now that they saw what those physical limits are (and thanks to Pyronkuse’s presence, I saw first hand) they wanted some means to exceed those limitations.

That’s when Jabra approached me with an idea. He inquired how he could surpass his physical limitations without cybernetics. Crafty Trandoshan. He wants to circumvent the limits of cybernetics. So I researched all the benefits that cybernetic implants could bring, and I decided that I could boost them biologically. Many mad doct… I mean super scientist… have tried before and failed. They used serums, drugs, ray guns, some hybrids of the Force and all the aforementioned. Most of them failed instantly. All of them failed eventually. But where they failed, I succeeded!

I alone thought of manipulating the host’s genetic code! It was as simple as acquiring some lab mice to test my hypothesis, and then I had a true discovery. I was able to make the mouse faster and smarter than he was previously. All I had to do was introduce the genetic modification in the form of a virus. Much like the fabled ark that saved mankind from the flood, I packed dominant and recessive genes into my new virus to be sure that it would seed in the body. The body was guaranteed to react to the stimuli of the invading virus.

I call my brain child the Ark Reactor!

Unfortunately, my sponsor did not reap the fruits of my genius. The virus wouldnt take in Jabra Rothgar’s Trandoshan physiology. I then decided that a simpler trial was needed. A more personal trial. I decided to unpack much of the virus’ effect, and give myself a taste of my own medicine… and it was glorious…. I was able to increase my brain output 20%! I was already one of the smartest men in the galaxy.

Now I am peerless.

But my new found intellect brought with it an enhanced curiosity. Why did the virus work on me, but not on Jabra? I originally thought that perhaps my findings didnt work on alien life forms. So I turned to my favorite guinea pig. I’m anxious to see what fruit Pyronkuse’s new found intellect will bring.

I’m even more anxious to see how I will manipulate it!



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