Alien Among the Galaxy

Father and Son

The Second Begining.

Commentary: We have arrived at dagobah, sensors indicate many and massive in size life forms. Plan to remain onboard ship.
Commentary: A BRAKER has completed his task of disabling the tracking devices in the biologicales, damaging me in the repurposing of a blaster to a DEATH weapon. Observation: A BREAKER must really enjoy building robots so that it can breaking them.
(remembers seeing the escape, and the first action of the wookiee)

(A light starts flashing)
Commentary: A distress beckon has started broadcasting 25 clicks from our location, must inform master and ships crew.
Correction: Mistake leaving the ship, but I observed a humanoid stealth without tech gear, saved for farther datum.

Commentary: During the outing I was pulled into a swamp because the master and his companions did not look at where they where running, under note, do not try to lift master or other humanoids.

observation: The master plans to hold the two twi’lek s hostage for credits to save his daughter, but instead will deceive the living servant of them in killing them per his orders. we succeeded in the show, but the human servant deviated from the deal. MUST KILL.

commentary: Most of the crew has left the ship, to pretend to dispose of the bodies, I will not leave the ship on this planet again.

(a light starts blinking rapidly)
Expletive:SHIT!! someone has tracked us, must divert or eliminate.” begin protocol 001795-32.
commentary: The deception was a failure, but the ship did crash, will take care of HER once the crew returns.

commentary: listening to the crew argue of unimportant things like credits and who looks is the most attractive, I should be in the cockpit . . .
(Danika Lux)
“the beckon on my ship is still broadcasting”
(CT-S1 jumps up)
Expletive: FUCK the other ship is broadcasting our position on this planet.”
(CT-S1 runs to the cockpit and takes off without warning the crew)
flying the short distance to the ship that’s broadcasting and sets the ship to hover.
(CT-S1 runs to the turret station locks on to the location and opens fire)
Negative: “I hit a large creature and its attacking the ship.”
(CT-S1 starts firing rapidly and continues to fire, each shot does more and more damage and within the same moment the creature bit onto the ship its teeth broke off, and CT-S1 blasted several holes through it)
Recitation: “now that THAT is done, the beckon.”
(realigning the turret and firing into the muck, an explosion, the single stops)
Application: “now for the other ship”
(CT-S1 walks past everyone back to the cockpit and fly’s to a hover to the just crashed ship)

(Jabra Rothgar)
“hold on your attack CT, we are talking with her, and she may be help to us”
Objection: “but master, she clearly came here to…”
(Jabra Rothgar)
“just give us a moment, and hold”
. . .

Corse set, planet: Naboo. ETA 30hours.

(disembodied voice)
Query: “Why? . . . "
(CT-S1 looks at ships console)
Observation: “Ship, you appear to be asking a question. correction: "Why to what? you did not communicate in a complete sentence. "
(Ships voice)
Mockery: “com-ple-te sen-tens. . . me, ship. . . un-der-stood.
Statement: I-M ship. I-M Nightshade.”

Commentary: Yes ship, you are NB Nightshade. Standard greetings are usually requested when two or more meet for the first time, and commence conversation. I am …
Mockery: C-T-S-1. . . mem-o-rys dis-play you where up-link-ed to me, some-of-my-files-are be dam-aged. Was-not-like thisssss (blurb-ping-wisssr) be-fore. File 739-8642k, stan-d-ard ship-boar-d systems-were installed, and 5-hours-39minites-and 45-46-seconds-ago you-r pro-gram was up-link-ing to-my-storage-systems . . .
memory systems error. . . corruption of data . . . I-am . . . ship is-no-long-er just ship . . . I-m N-B-Night-shade . . .

Translation: “It was required for my memories to be uploaded while an unapproved device was shut down inside my shell, your reasoning for becoming more self-aware is an unknown result. My own memory systems indicate . . . ERROR . . . it appears that my data on it was also damaged. As a droid, I robotically disagree with all robots being connected and connecting to all other robots, its not robotically correct. You never know what another droid or ship or data pan has on it. VSP’s(viral system program) are the scariest thing I have been programed to know about, or encountered during my time powered on. . . wait . . . do not use audio out till . . .”

  • walks in to the cockpit*
    . . . why do you droids talk aloud?
    Obseravation: Humans and zeltron both spend time speating to them selfs. Answer: Because I was programed to. Did you remember to realign the corse correction I put in to shorten our trip?
    (Danika Lux)
    Ugh… where do I do that?
    Answer: down the main corridor lower Jungian-slot 2, and please, be sure you check it over two times to make sure you understand how I did it, and how you can do it your self if im not flying.
    Mockery:_ UN-LIKELY!_
    Danika Lux walks away grumbling.
    (NB Nightshade)
    Application: you did not want the biological to know I was present, because I should not be.
    Evasion: Not quite, I robotically have computed that your current state will put you in a more servitude type of state then you are now. I robotically enjoy flying ships and shooting things, especially biological entities, you how ever, we do not know what you like, but we will discover it in due time. Till then . . . try to obey all commands input by the biological entities and my self, you can let your ship self be known when the time is right.
    (NB Nightshade)
    Amendment: When I want them to know.



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