Alien Among the Galaxy

Holo Log Entry 1

What do a Trandoshan, a Wookie, a droid, and Twi'lek twins have in common?

Holo recorder activates to show Jabra Rothgar dropping himself into a luxurious chair in a large room aboard a space craft.

HOW THE SLAG DID I WIND UP IN A CONUNDRUM LIKE THIS?!? In a cantina in the middle of nowhere, being chased by a bounty hunter. Running around the galaxy with a droid, two Twi’leks and a Wookiee?!? A Baay Shfat Wookiee! Thank the Scorekeeper I’m even still alive. That Wookiee is a horrible shot. He blew up a whole cantina trying to save me and CT-S1 from a Bounty Hunter… and STILL missed the BH! Who does that?!? Ahgr!…

grimaces in pain

Speaking of shot, that BH shot me.

Now where did it all begin? The last thing I remember was working a job on Kashyyyk. For a team of Trandoshans, grabbing and selling a few dozen Wookiees to the Hutts or to the Empire is easy money. That job would go far in paying off my debt. Next thing I know, I’m in a slagging cell with a Twi’lek with no knowledge of how I got there. Thankfully, the Scorekeeper was looking out for me.

My luck has always been exceptional. Even in this bind, I lucked my way out of the cell. I somehow fat fingered the computer near the cell door, and I was out of there in no time flat. Figured the droid would be in the same state of memory loss that I am. Five small words, and I’ve got a new droid! Though, he turned out to not be the droid I’m looking for, he’s still quite useful. CT-S1 is his name. Some kind of custom purpose droid near as I can tell. He must have belonged to a smuggler previously. He knows all kinds of back alley docking areas. That’s good to know.

We smash our way out of the holding facility pretty easily. There were a couple of old B1 battle droids working security. B1 Battle Droids I’m insulted. At the same time, two of them proved useful. Those Twi’lek sisters each grabbed a droid and managed to make them follow their commands. One’s got a thing for data pads and slicing anything with a hard drive. That may prove useful too. She goes by the name of Ardana Ni’ete. What kind of Twi’lek name is that?!? Seems rich though. I wonder if someone out there is willing to pay for her safe return… The other one is Asudam Ni’ete. Typical Twi’lek slut. Though I didnt realize how useful having a slut on your team can be. Apparently, Gammoreans will try to have sex with anything. Ugh…

Then there’s Pyronkuse. CT-S1 has taken to calling him “Breaker”. I guess watching a Wookiee rip a few driods’ arms off will traumatize even an artificial intelligence. He’s typical Wookiee scum. A savage posing as an intellectual. He even tried to hack my droid. Still, even scum can be useful. And when I’ve used that scum to his fullest, I’ll swab him up, and toss him out.

A nefarious look comes over Jabra’s face.

Life’s not all bad though. Damn BH and his droid jumped us in the cantina. But before that, he told us we have tracking devices in us, and we’d need to get rid of them for proper sport. I’m sure there’s a way to turn that tracking device into a weakness. I’ll have to run an idea by the new crew. We have this Pleasure Yacht we’ve named the Night Hawk. I own the droid pilot, so I guess that makes me the Captain. Captain Jabra Rothgar… I like the sound of that!

I cant get so caught up in figuring out what happened and dodging a charred and pissed off Bounty Hunter that I lose sight of what I’m working for in the first place. We need a big score. Something big enough that I can send some creds back home, and have some to live on, while paying this crew. I’m sure they wont work for free.

Now. What dirty deeds can earn us some cred flow…

Jabra looks away contemplatively as the transmission ends


Sorry about that. I forgot to turn on what you discovered so that you could see it. It was under GM only but you should be able to see your discovery now.

Holo Log Entry 1

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