Alien Among the Galaxy

Holo Log Entry 2

Showtime at the Nighthawk

Jabra powers on holo recorder. He’s got a sly half smile on his face.

You know, I should be pissed.

Why should I be pissed, you ask? One word. Dagobah. A nothing doing, backwater planet, with no signs of intelligent life. This is where CT-S1 landed us in our escape from Sulis Vann. An uninhabited planet can be an excellent hideout. But not Dagobah.

Dagobah is a bog planet. Tons of lifeforms, and not a sentient among them. And I can see why. The whole group nearly drowned in the swamp today. shutters Myself included. Thank the Scorekeeper I was able to crawl out before the Wookiee arrived to save us. It makes sense that the savage was so comfortable out there. This place is no different than Kashyyyk.

Then genius struck. Or tragedy, depending on how you view it.

We met Danika, a bounty hunter who was looking for me. And Phoenix Knite, her bounty hunting associate. So after we engaged in aggressive negotiations, we came to the realization that Danika’s ship had crash landed on Dagobah in her pursuit of me. But she wasnt after the price on my head, or the price I’m sure is on the group. She came with information for me about Prenom. Apparently the gangsters who have been funding her treatment have sold my debt to Star Bucks, the galaxy’s largest lender.

I now owe Star Bucks 900,000 creds. That’s the tragedy.

Now for the opportunity…

That’s when I realize I have two rich Twi’leks on board. Suddenly, companions become captives. I have two hostages smiles slyly at holorecorder. But there’s a wrinkle in the story. When I make the ransom call, the butler picks up. He then asks me how much it will cost to just kill the two Twi’leks.

It’s always the damned butler. Disloyal bantha poodoo.

But with that comes opportunity. I can wipe out my debt and reveal this traitorous scum for what he is. I cant trust him though. That’s why we’re going to put on a show for him. We’ll kill the Twi’leks alright. But we’ll do it my way.



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