Alien Among the Galaxy

I'll take the case!!

... and I'll stitch the patient... at the same time...

“Winter is cold and ever nigh”
These are the words of House Stark; a family that was ancient when the hyper-drive was invented. The motto is simple to understand. It just means that troubled times are approaching. Nothing too terribly deep.

My family chose for their sigil the Snowy Owl; a bird that is camouflaged in the snow. Its funny, because ever since trouble came in the form of Trade Federation ships, my family has hidden in the background. My parents prefer not to get involved in the galaxy’s problems. My father’s house fell when he was a boy, and he seems almost relieved to be relegated to being an afterthought of nobility. Winter isnt just nigh for the Starks. It’s now.

But that’s where I am different. Rylor Stark will restore wealth and honor to the Stark name, even if Otto Stark wishes it otherwise. And the crew of the Nighthawk will provide me that opportunity.

Case in point. A bounty hunter attacked the ship. I believe his name was Mairo Heart. The bounty hunter used all kinds of tech on us: a bounty hunting droid sidekick, electromagnetic gas, and most notably thermal detonators. Enough thermal detonators were attached to the exterior hull of the ship to disintegrate 80% of the city. My quick thinking and Ardana Ni’ete’s deft fingers were all that stood between the city and total destruction.

The Ni’ete twins. Weren’t they supposed to be dead? I was happy that they were dead, honestly. I so despise the newly wealthy.

In any case, Ardana and I manipulate the ventilation controls to get the electromagnetic gas out of the ship. The success of this tactic was twofold: It allowed Pyronkuse, who was affected by the gas for some reason, and CT-S1 to get up and continue to fight the bounty hunters. It also allowed us to use the gas to our advantage. We allowed the gas to spill outside of our ship and deactivate the thermal detonators attached to our hull. That was where the bounty hunters took their leave, cutting a whole through or already carbon scored hull and making their escape. Pyronkuse then collapsed.

And that’s where I saw my opportunity. Like the Snowy Owl hidden against the winter snow, I went unnoticed until it was time to strike. Perhaps I can use this chaos the bounty hunters left in their wake to my advantage. If I can study Pyronkuse’s blood, I can learn how this gas was simultaneously able to affect droids, the ship, and all carbon based life on board. I can perhaps craft a vaccine against it. There’s much to be learned by studying Pyronkuse’s blood…

and perhaps more to be learned by studying the Wookie himself…

Then there’s mister Rothgar. I’ll have to come up with some defense for an accused terrorist while I treat a patient and find some rest all within a planetary cycle. Sounds like winter is cold an nigh indeed. Good thing that this owl is ready for the winter.



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