Alien Among the Galaxy

In other news...

*in the middle of a Holo News report *

Female Bith: " …for calling him a ‘Balls Chinian’. Some co-anchors would know all about that. Am i right, Oola?"
Female Twi’lek: *a forced smile * "Bite me Forta. In other news, later today a man died of a mysterious illness. The man, known as Aloitious “Hugandumps” Malloi, was reluctantly brought into the hospital because of profuse anal bleeding after being arrested for public disturbance. Doctors were reluctant in the fact that they didn’t know if the illness was infectious and the effect it would have on other races… the illn.."
Female Bith: “the illness in fact escalated and eventually caused Aloitious to bleed out from all of his orificia at once. This obvious caused him to bleed to death. The strange part of this is that the blood turns to a thick black, paste after several minutes, making it hard to identify the exact cause. So far no one else has shown symptom of being affected.”
Female Twi’lek: “Lucky for you, your blood is already black. And now a word from our sponsor: Star Bucks!”



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