Alien Among the Galaxy

Jabra Jailbreak or Big-break?

Jesus Rothgar is completely crazy what the double unicorn fuck? He admits it and of course they are going to lock you up you star crossed retard! The contract isn’t done and it doesn’t matter because the butler is in the jail that mission is lost and Jabra my only bet for getting off this planet and making some credits is in a maximum security holding cell awaiting trial. Looks like I’m gonna have to take care of this by myself.
I went to the jail and realized that my disguise as a diplomat might be able to get me some information easily at the front gate…well that FAILED. So I went about this the only other way I know how…to the Underworld! I located an ex-con who was able to explain to me the only secure way in and out of the jail there’s a private contracting company “Abstergo” that does patience within the prison. I “accidentally” ran into a “Abstergo” worker in an attempt to gain information and while the small talk was happening I stole his key and saw another worker who looked about my size I knock him out and steal his clothes but the boots are waaay too big.
I find a way to convince the guards and other “Abstergo” workers that due to me rushing I forgot my boots they let me in. I was able to eavesdrop on a conversation that let me know where Jabra and his weapons were. I tried to get the weapons and fucked up tripping a silent alarm that fortunately i was able to shut off but knowing that the alarm although silent was an alarm nonetheless I had to keep moving.
I found Jabra’s cell and there was another guard in the way I had to knock him out and I was about to release Jabra until he said he wanted to do this legally after much debate we came to a compromise I’ll stay in Nabu until the results of his trial and based on the ruling I will act accordingly. He better seriously know what he’s doing…I guess I should try to get in touch with the others and definitely stay under the radar until the trial date.



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