Alien Among the Galaxy

Journal 6

Very Rough Draft

PCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpgPhoenix KnitePCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpg

  • The crew is chasing worm bats on the ship … and cant catch them the wookie is punching the ship causing the power to spike and go out
  • They found 7 chewing the ship
  • Chris mac his niece kill 2
  • Mother of the worm bat creatures come out I try to force move them and throw them into the mother to kill them all. End up almost destroying the ship by crushing a electric cable. force crush?
  • They kill the mother and the rest
  • We make a landing to make repairs on Bestin
  • Ashley Found justins alt char in a bar who needs a humans chars soul. As his butler contract
  • I went to the Mega-low mart tried to negotiate to save money didnt work twilik got her manager
  • crew tried to get me to convince a twilik to be a slave 9k was a tempting offer
  • Jabra went to bestin employment center (BEC) to put us in a money making situation
  • Find a job transporting item x that we need suits for
  • Decide to look for bounties on the planet as well so we can kill 2 birds with one stone
  • Found bounty for a jedi knight on bestin instead
  • Decided to go after the jedi instead of the excort mission.
  • Realized i will need a lot of discipline to get my force powers to work did a shit ton of meditation to raise my level hopefully

PCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpgPhoenix KnitePCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpg



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