Alien Among the Galaxy

Log Entry 1 -Danika Lux

- Cuts on holo log-
- Starts entry-

I am not heartless…
Nor am I weak.
But carrying out Prenom’s request has been more taxing then rewarding. And that is putting it lightly.

I hired help a human.To help me track her apparently fugitive father. Tracked him to the homeland of muck and slime!!! Dago-something or other. My counterpart and I crashed landed into the mucky slime filled planet. And had to hit the distress beacon.

Then while waiting we opened the door…and muck poured in…and I HAD to swim out…swim through muck! AND slime..unknown slime…

When I was saved by a Wookie….an apparently over excited one who shook me so violently….i don’t quite remember what happened…..but then I woke with Jabrar going through my pockets or attempting to…ungrateful wretch! I am here to help him. Help his daughter….apparently the apple feel far from that tree.

After his failed attempt to harm me I went with him and his band of fugitives back to there ship..
What else could I do?
My ship was consumed by the disgusting slime muck of this planet.

Long story short. I delivered Prenom’s message…and now I am ship-less and still have to help her bumbling father. Who came up with the bright….i will admit it was bright…idea to ransom two twi’leks to their family….

I feel personally like this will only end in some type of chaos. And if it does I will survive.

- Ends transmission-



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