Alien Among the Galaxy

The Funeral

Here’s what happened today…
Finally we stopped but we are on planet Nabu. I hate this police over run place but the bars are nice why am I on this damn ship there’s this awesome event going on and I’m waiting for this mind controller to bring me a thermal cloak hurry up man!. Finally the event….wait there’s a guest list ah my ughh..and security seriously I have a lot of shit including a disguise kit oooh yeah beeches…and this butler is here…and there’s all this work…well deception…(I like it though)..To get the rest of these crew members in…oh this is the funeral and I had to go literally try to find that damn butler I looked everywhere and cannot fucking find him (hmm I curse too much) these damn nobles and dignitaries questioning me the funeral took forever…I’m being watched all through the service I know I better get my money for all this bullshit lost my fucking ship and all this dumb ass shit for a contract really…Gaaah! Hmm the foliage was really nice I think I like the color pi…no never mind…oh for the love of unaliving this choir was not a good idea at all.
I’m going to unal…kill this guy when I find him I swear…
Then this guy seriously just turned himself in and got the butler caught I guess jail is better than dead in his eyes not mine. Whatever…now he got taken in for questioning really okay his ass not mine…he figured out someway to get free…but we all have another problem…leaving.



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