Alien Among the Galaxy

What we know of Dagobah

“Now hold on a sec there youngster!”
“Of course I know what happened after that!”
“Just… give.. me… a sec!”
“Now… * rifles through several data pads* my family discovered. That… they… * several holo recorders crash to the ground*”
“… Ah! They retreated to a planet called Dagobah to escape the authorities and several other ‘interested parties’ ".
“Lesser Bothans would have lost the trail of information seeing how it has next to no denizens on the planet itself, however my family is resilient in the search for secrets.”
“They have collected several documentations of the group on that planet."
“For instance we have the memory files of the astromech droid of a Bounty Hunter and her hired associate that submerged beneath the planet’s ‘Flora’ ".

:: Astromech Droid Designation- R2H7
:: Ownership Status – Rented
:: Owner – Danika Lux (Temporary)
:: Other Occupant(s) – Unknown ( +1 Human)
:: Destination: Sluis Van
- - - Course corrected to Dagobah
:: Updated Status: Crashing – -
:: Updated Status: Crashed – -
:: Updated Status: Submerging – -
:: Distress Beacon Activated
:: Updated Status: All Occupants have vacated the vehicle
- - — Initiating Self Preservation Protocols - - -
Attempting to auto eject
- - — Analyzing cause - -
. . .
. . .
. . .
:: Manual Release of vehicle Hatch has jammed Astromech locking mechanism
:: Looping auto eject function
. . .
. . .
:: WA%HO&087*8YHIOUy8Y*

“That seems to be it for that file. We also have Holo-images of a Wookie salvaging from a downed satellite around the same time.”
“Who cares? The images suggest that he is the same Wookie that was instrument in the Massacre of Sluis Van!”
“No all Wookies do not look alike!”
“Alright, one of the key documents we recovered was found among several piles of scrap metal. It was a damaged audio recording device. Although grainy we overhear, what we assume to be, the group fighting among themselves.”

(Hissy Trandoshan voice): How many credits are we talking?
(inaudible response.)
(Hissy Trandoshan voice): Let * static* privately.
(seconds of silence)
(Pleaing Twi’lek voice): We all know Jabra is in this * static* * static*..self but if you help * lots of static* And I have a lot of credits.
(Gritty Human voice): How many creds are we talking.
*Loud inaudiable static *
(after several seconds of static)
(Hissy Trandoshan voice): … going to put on a show!
(nothing audible was found after that statement)

“So what do you make of that?”
“What do ‘I’ make of it? Well obviously… um… Jabra is that Human voice and… they need… um the credits for… for a show! Obviously!”
“Look! I know what I’m talking about! Now to find what happened next…”



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