Asudam Ni'ete (PC)

twi lek


Twi Leks female

career/ expoler, / Specialization,fringer / Age,21 / Height,5’6"/ Build,Average Eyes,

Soak(3) Wound(13) Strain(14) Defense(R-0/M-0)

Brawn (1)
Agility (2)
Intellect (2)
Cunning (2)
Willpower (2)
Presence (3)
Social Class (highand mighty_) Background Hook (_Opportunity Knocks)
Obsession (10)

Asudum twin sister of ardiana, Asudum understand the life that twi’leks live and has always wondered wut the world has to offer. she has read and seen worlds that fantasized her mind and wanted to explorer. during the she world charm pilots to take her to explorer uncharted worlds during these explorations she learns the trade of traveling worlds and surviving and understand its lands,she learns how to adventure worlds saying that she just wanted to find present for her sister. in one exploration she hears of a program that can control the universe and is obsessed with the program for she wants it for her sister as a birthday gift and decides that she want to show her sister and conveniences her to come along and ……

+5 XP increase /game session

Asudam Ni'ete (PC)

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