Elizabeth "Zaza" Faselli (PC)

"Sorry about your damn luck"


Human, Female

Career Bounty Hunter
Specialization, Assassin
Age, 19
Height, 5’4"
Build, Average
Eyes, Black
Hair, Locs

Soak(5) Wound(13) Strain(12) Defense(R-/M-)

Brawn (3)
Agility (2)
Intellect (2)
Cunning (2)
Willpower (2)
Presence (2)
Obligation (20)


Elizabeth Faselli came from the House ifFaselli her father worked as a Bounty Hunter to provide for their family as one of the youngest (other than her twin sister Eliza) her life was priviledged. Zaza had several mentors throughout her adolescent years. At the age of 18 she suffered from a village wide disease that caused her kidneys to fail. Eliza donated her kidney and shortly after Zaza made a speedy recovery but still had some limitations. While at home regaining her strength she noticed that it was mid-day and her medication had not been brought to her and was confused when she found a note on her night stand.

“My precious litte Zaza I will never be able to express the amount that this contract pains me to carry out and I cannot tell you much as this note alone could still jeopardize our fate your safety and the path I need you to follow. My child please find it in your heart to understand I did what I had to do. Go see our family doctor he has somethings for you once he has given them to you leave this village stick with your training and stay safe. "

As she went downstairs she smelled the food on the stove burning and it was very quiet. When she turned the corner she found her Mother and her 3 siblings all scattered between the kitchen and the living room.
With no signs of her father or anyone alive for that matter Zaza packed a small bag took the note and left. Why did her father do this? Why did he choose to leave her? How could he explain this to her?
Find out on the next episode of Star Wars: Aliens Among the Galaxy.

+5 XP increase /game session

Elizabeth "Zaza" Faselli (PC)

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