Phoenix Knite (PC)

The law of 3


Name: Phoenix Knite
Race: Human
Age: 28
Height: 6’3’’
Build: Athletic
Hair: None
Eyes: Brown

Career: Hired Gun
Specialization: (Force sensitive Exile) (Marauder)

Soak - (8)
Wound - (12)
Strain - (12)
Defense - (1) / (3)

Ability Score:

  • Brawn – (6)
  • Agility – (2)
  • Intellect – (3)
  • Cunning – (2)
  • Willpower – (2)
  • Presence – (2)

Social Class: Middle Class Struggles
Background Hook: Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Obligation: Oath 20


PCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpgPhoenix KnitePCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpg

Click …. Click …. Click….

“Mom always tells me to keep a touch on the minds around me, ever since she and dad found out I could feel with my mind like them.

I sit up in my bed, the cold damp air rushing in through my open window bypassing the defenses of my warm covers, chilling me to the bone. It is late at night, a chilly night on Tython
I can hear the thoughts of those I focus on. Never in depth, always a surface thought but their thoughts feelings emotions none the less. They call it the –FORCE-!

I keep trying to convince them that I can do more. I can sometimes move things just by thinking about it and I can make the dog do things I want him to do by influencing his mind.

I am told an 8 year old should start small, that the dark side is always present. That I need to build my defenses, I need to build my understanding and shouldn’t take on the world yet. I didn’t understand that sentiment until after tonight

Why won’t they listen to me though. Just because I’m 8 doesn’t mean I can’t think for myself. But I guess anything is better than one of dad’s lectures

I keep in touch on the minds of everything thing around me, all things that think, and feel,all of the sentient beings.Even in my sleep I open my mind the way my mother taught me. They appear to me as bright lights amidst a pale blue background, each life each mind a light a consciences that I can feel.

There are so many new ones tonight, only mom and dad feel familiar. But it is ok they are blinking away from me one after another. With every…

Click …. Click…. Click….

I can hear it distinctly from the surface of one mind specifically. This mind is the newest. It is focused but not angry. I can tell he feels like he is just doing a rudimentary job. Chopping wood taking out the trash something simple yet necessary think less.

All I get from him is 3 clicks, I wish he would stop. Why can’t he let me sleep? It’s his loud clicks that woke me up. What could someone be concentrating on so much that it woke me out my sleep?

A cold stealy chill runs up and down my spine. My palms are sweating, I am scared, and worried. I feel like I am in danger but how, why should I be. There are so many people around me.

Click …. Click …. Click ….

There it is again

Another mind goes dark anther light disappears, I have never felt that before it’s foreign and somehow profoundly wrong

“I want mom and dad they will know what to do. They have to be awake, I’ll just reach out like I always do, and they will come see what’s wrong.

Before I get a chance to reach out they both come running.

See, both mom and dad know how I feel they must feel it to.

Click …. Click …. Click ….

My mother’s face is bathed in fear terrified from her very soul. My father confident strong, his nerve never fading his calm never broken.He has his light sword saber out. It is black but pulses vibrant white, as if it is breathing slowly, taking in the energy, the force itself.

Why does he get to play with it, I think I’m going to take it one day, but I have to be careful to put it back. I don’t want another lecture.

They tell me I’m too young to learn how to do anything but sense minds, all these limitations. Mom’s sense of the force is so strong; stronger than dads. She is the main one teaching me how to manipulate things little by little. Yet I never see her touch her light saber It is always close to her but floating like a leaf caught in an updraft, elegant, beautiful, and deadly, floating in the air waiting to strike at my mother’s mere though. It is the exact opposite of dads white and glows black, also breathing full of life full of energy.

Dad is kind and makes promises behind mommas back. He says when I am ready he will take me to get my own light sword and finish my teaching.

Click …. Click …. Click ….

Mom is reaching out for me, she makes me feel so comfortable.

Her lightsaber floating in the air moving as if held in her hand effortlessly, but she is not holding it. It twirls in the air so full of life as if it has a soul of its own. I point to it.

I didn’t know you could do that mom.

My hands in mid-flight, wonder coursing thing my mind replacing all the doubt, the cold, the fear, as I fix my hand to point at my wonder, my new found lightsaber obsession.

Click …. Click …. Click …. Bang ….

What was that bright light, that loud crack

My mother is falling lifeless to the ground. Instantly the calm the power the peace erodes from my father’s demeanor. His very essence anger pain suffering.

Moms light disappeared from my mind

Big Hot tears are cascade from my cheeks but I don’t yet know why. Her light sword graceful and so full of life extinguishes, no longer suspended by her thoughts.

Is that what those lights going out means? Is mom really, did mom just…

Dad yells “GET DOWN, HIDE”

Click …. Click …. Click …. Bang ….

I am all alone. What happened to dads light sword it went out, like moms? No more lights in my mind no more thoughts no more comfort, no more life.

I did as my father said and jumped down off my bed hiding until I heard his body drop. Like a tidal wave rough forceful and all-consuming the force struck me. I jump up faster than I ever have before. Running to my parents whose bodies are in my door way, reaching out to them with all my strength, my muscles reacting to my desperation, my mind following suit. My father’s and mother’s light sabers just in my rech. Something is pushing me begging me to keep them safe to presere a way of life I don’t yet know

I have to protect them.

In an instant an 8 year old is forced to grow up no longer a innocent boy no longer a childish youth. This isn’t about playing anymore isn’t about being selfish wanting to grow up before my time. This is about my family, my mother, my father, my life.

Click …. Click …. Click ….Bang ….

A bullet to fast to see, too fast to sense, and much too fast for a young boy to dodge, finds its target

It doesn’t hurt but it is warm.

The bullet shot from a man who is cold calculating, without malice or anger, finds its way to my head.

Why am I covered in red water, why is it covering my head embracing me in liquid warm flowing down. It is so heavy my body is so heavy. But why am so cold?

I don’t feel myself fall the ground so comforting softer than my bed softer than any embrace. My desire my desperation snatched from me in less than a second. All the lights disappear from my mind but this one this man; single minded, calm, another job to him no different

I can’t see.

Desperation returns the force my mission brought with it. But I am being pulled away guided to light to safety and I am told to sleep to wait. I reach out one last time

All the lights I could sense went away, all the lights are gone even the 3 click guy. All that is left is this liquid warmth and my cold body

Click …. Click …. Click ….

I barely wake up still can’t see very well there is blood everywhere.

Mom, dad they are…… they are DEAD!!!

Click …. Click …. Click ….

A man sits in a chair in my room. Holding a very well maid slugthrower

Who are you, why are you holding that gun, why does that gun make me so angry, why do I hear him clicking it.

So many thoughts rush to my mind alert instantly by the sound.

It’s not the three click guy

I reach out with the force, there are 2 lights this time 2 minds 2 people. Without thinking, without forcing myself to move, without feeling, I make his light disappear, like my mom’s, like my dad’s.

That gun belongs to me.

The words escape from my lips and like my body become so heavy. The other presence speaks

You have fire, you have strength, you have drive. You will be our greatest asset … Welcome young man to PHOENIX.

The voice deep and calming, it reminds me of my father I want to turn to face him to stand my ground. That same voice the same gently oing tug to the light pulls me away. My body heavy again as I allow the light to caress me

Where did that voice come from…. Everything is going black again I can’t see… at least there are no clicks at least this light didn’t go away, and at least……. I have this gun


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Phoenix Knite (PC)

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