Pyronkuse (PC)

One wookiee, out to save the Verse.


Name: Pyronkuse
Species: Wookiee
Career: Technician
Specialization: Outlaw Tech
Soak: 5
Wound: 20
Strain: 9
Defense: 0/0
Brawn: 4
Agility: 2
Intellect: 2
Cunning: 2
Willpower: 1
Presence: 2


During his hrrtayyk(Test of Ascension) into adulthood to unlock his rrakktorr(inner strength), he was sent to survive in the Kashyyyian Shadow-lands(the dangerous ground level of the forests) at the age of 14 and armed only with his wits and a rough knowledge of the plants . It was there he discovered his inventive nature to improve whatever tool he has. He put together a sling powered spear launcher from a hollowed out branch and flexible fibers found along the forest floor. Pyron created traps of all types and sizes that captured several predators and provided various meals throughout his trial. Pyronkuse finished his hrrtayyk convinced his inner strength was not in his fists, but in his creative adaptive mind.

He hurried back to his village, mind and arms full of the devices made from plants and bone that he created, to find a horrid scene. Homes were aflame dead Wookiee bodies were strewn everywhere. There were people killing his village, his family. he dropped all but his spear launcher and shot one of the “hunter” in his chest. The spear seemed to slip between his plated armor and killed him. This brought the attention of the others directly onto Pyron. He tried to fight them but this resulted in him getting butted with the end of a rifle.

When he awoke, Pyron found himself in chains. He was sold to a slaver that specializes in underground fights he found out eventually. They taught him how to fight and survive in the arena. The very first and only weapon that was given to him were a pair of brass knuckles. He’d found that the more the crowd liked you the better your living conditions became. Slowly he’d become one of the crowds favorite. Over time he’d gotten fairly adept at fighting with his weapons and decided to tinker with them. The crowd really seemed to enjoy flashy displays, so Pyron started drawing up schematics and improving his designs to make sparks fly with every punch.

The drawings and schematics of Pyron somehow got into the hands of a very powerful and wealthy man. A man in charge of one of the largest technology Corporation’s R&D department, Keal Tragdor. He was put into a room with Pyron and asked questions about who taught him about weapon and technology development. When he found out that Pyronkuse was just a natural at improving tech he went to Pyron’s slave owners and purchased him to work for his company.

He was finally being appreciated for his mind and not his ability to rip off the arms of a battle droid. Pyron began working on the many shielding projects the corporation were in development. He became so trusted and valued in the company that eventually they gave him clearance to work on whichever project he chose. He searched through the active projects and stumbled upon one that seemed to have been filed incorrectly. He opened it and discovered that his work was going to the development of and long distance force field based planet crusher. He immediately took his datapad and went as deep into the system as he could and copied all of the data and schematics on the planet crusher and set a malicious virus loose into their data stores destroying all copies of the research on the planet crusher except what was in his mind and the copies in his datapad.

He escaped from the facility but not too long after a bounty was set onto Pyron for capture and data recovery. Pyronkuse is constantly on the run from the company and their hired guns and bounty hunters.

+5 XP increase /game session

Pyronkuse (PC)

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