Flames of the Phoenix


The mercenary assassin pirate underworld of not just this reality but all reality




Founded by a man simply known as the Phoenix Lord, his true name is now lost to time. No one truly knows the date the Phoenix organization was started as it spans all dimensions all wavelengths. This organization has gone by many names throughout history; from the Koga and Iga, Black Hand, sad flutes, chronos and many many others. However to the inclined their true name is revealed. It is rumored that the Phoenix Lord himself is the beginning of all of the many “Flames of the Phoenix”, though no one knows if this is a man or simply a title. Phoenix is the black hand, the deep secret of every organization that has done dealings behind closed doors, in the shadows. Phoenix however does not hide its presence nor does it shy away from its fame or its infamy preferring to allow its strength and reputation to precede it. Although painted as an evil ruthless group Phoenix shows no allegiance to either good or evil, only to what must be done.

Flames of the Phoenix

The “Flames of the Phoenix” or “Flame” is what refers to many different areas of Phoenix. Each name, tier, overall branch, and individual tattoo are referred to in this way. It is unsure the depth of this description as it seems to encompass many things within the organization


This allows many different members to have the same Rank although not in the same branch. Each member of phoenix forgoes their name as they are inducted into the organization, referred from that moment on as their rank. Currently what is knows is that there are 3 tiers

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  2. FlareFantasyFirePhoenix.jpg
  3. Phoenixphoenix__1_.jpg

Each tier is symbolized by a picture of their own “Flame of the Phoenix”. Each leader of the the 3 tiers make up what is called the Phoenix Council and maintain constant contact with each other, and are responsible for the members within their ranking.


Each member carries with him a symbol of his rank, but is forbidden to have any Tattoos unless earned. This symbol comes in many different forms from a medallion, signature weapon, armor, etc. These symbols are so seared into the very being of the member that if taken a member will dedicate his life to retrieving it. If a member can not retrieve his symbol he is reborn starting over from the beginning as a “Blaze Initiate” regardless o previous


Many Members seek to gain their individuality, forever distancing themselves from the many members of Phoenix. Tattoos within the organization always have a meaning and significance but like all things must be earned. All noteworthy members seek to be tattooed with different noticeable markings knows as their own flames.

No Tattoo earned may be worn by another as it is the only form of individuality and a great honor. However this is a right that must be earned as is everything else in the organization. In order for a member to earn his own “Flame” he must fight and defeat 7 members of the same rank or higher. These Fights are governed by honor and usually not to the death. This is achieved only by those who have reached Phoenix rank, although a member may start his trial at anytime. However killing those who have turned their back on phoenix serves as a notch towards the 7 regardless of previous rank.


All members must pass a trial to achieve the next rank; however each ranks trial is fixed. “The Blaze” must show increasing bravery and loyalty, “The Flare” must show wisdom and cunning. To be truly named Phoenix one must show mastery of himself and his surroundings. Each of these trials must be grander and more epic than the last, and all trials are voted upon and approved by the Phoenix Council. This shows that a member of phoenix sets his own standards for ranking and advancement and is governed and respected by his deeds.


Any member may leave the organization but may never again bare their rank. Many who leave are hunted and seen as game for those who are seeking fame and honor within the organization. Assassinations within the group are prohibited as well as any underhanded dealings within the organization. But such rules to govern master spies, assassins, thieves and pirates are seen as petty by most of Phoenix. However brotherhood, unity, and loyalty, are all prized above all else within the organization. Each Member upon death must incinerate himself through whatever means he is afforded leaving behind only ashes. Most members prefer alchemist fire to service this purpose and carry a vial sufficient for the task.


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