Star Bucks Corp

Come on... give us a little credit...


This is the company all of the Universe knows. Practically everywhere in the Universe you will see the Star Bucks logo. What do they do? It would probably be more efficient to ask what don’t they do.
Star Bucks essential is an investor in all things it deems to be “profitable”. Secretly Star Bucks provided a generous loan to Darth Sidious in his Death Star project. Although in the end Sidious initially did lose his investment the loan was repaid back with interest.
If Star Bucks feels that their investments are too good to give up, that’s when they offer you a deal. Star Bucks’ deals are notoriously lucrative and many people gladly accept them, however the rare instances where Star Bucks’ deals are denied mysterious happenstances typically work in the favor of the Corporation to where they receive what they originally desired.
Throughout the galaxy there isn’t a more “homey”, “mom and pop”, “wholesome”, “beloved”, “pure and innocent” and “revered” corporation throughout the stars (At least that’s what their army of PR agents would have you believe).



Star Bucks Corp

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