Modified Protocol Droid... to kill...


Originally a typical C3 model protocol droid which performed a number of tasks, including many social and translatory duties. Over this particular model’s lifetime it has been bought, sold, had it’s memory erased on numerous occasions, broken, repaired, scrapped, salvaged, memory “upgraded”, system “upgraded”, personality “upgraded”… It was little wonder that this droid developed slight system glitches. This included the unit slaughtering a whole group of peaceful Galactic Ambassadors (and their assigned Bodyguards) in the middle of a summit designed to promote unity among different races. The funny things about the whole thing was that he was kind and respectful the whole time (even apologized as he eviscerated several of the dignitaries). The worse glitch however is his speech… a stuttering droid. Even with a replaced vocal processor the stuttering doesn’t go away.

Normally after a droid kills without being programmed and without provocation they are destroyed immediately, especially in a high profile situations in which this particular unit was involved, however luck intervened and a Bounty Hunter who was incognito, tracking a particular individual in the audience witnessed everything (and he even killed the target he was tracking). Rather than see such an interesting droid be destroyed, Bounty Hunter Mairo Heart bribed the units would be executioner an exuberant amount to take ownership of it.

Mairo was an amazing Bounty Hunter but paled in comparison to his technological skills. He refitted the droid with several custom parts and reprogrammed the unit without altering it’s current personality files (although there were precautionary protocols which were input to ensure he wouldn’t hurt anything other than it’s intended target). After he named the unit X.I. (or sometime he refers to it as Sky) the unit became not only a useful tool in either capturing, killing or eviscerating the Bounties they collected but also became a personal friend over the years.

People tend to underestimate X.I.‘s ability because of it’s friendly nature and seeming similarities to the C3P models. A kind apologize is generally the last thing they will ever hear.


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