Alien Among the Galaxy

Journal 9

PCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpgPhoenix KnitePCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpg

Ran back to ship messed up
Droid had a restraining bolt n him taken off by pyronkuse
Disk with pyronkuse name on it watched disk “The company” told pyronkuse to bring schimatic of sun crusher
Found ship was sentient
Went to moon best laid plan fail
Levies dead killed by company
Picked up a human child who was used as contact for the company
Got message for pyronkuse for second meeting on alderaan
The company took ardonna and assuna

In other news...

*in the middle of a Holo News report *

Female Bith: " …for calling him a ‘Balls Chinian’. Some co-anchors would know all about that. Am i right, Oola?"
Female Twi’lek: *a forced smile * "Bite me Forta. In other news, later today a man died of a mysterious illness. The man, known as Aloitious “Hugandumps” Malloi, was reluctantly brought into the hospital because of profuse anal bleeding after being arrested for public disturbance. Doctors were reluctant in the fact that they didn’t know if the illness was infectious and the effect it would have on other races… the illn.."
Female Bith: “the illness in fact escalated and eventually caused Aloitious to bleed out from all of his orificia at once. This obvious caused him to bleed to death. The strange part of this is that the blood turns to a thick black, paste after several minutes, making it hard to identify the exact cause. So far no one else has shown symptom of being affected.”
Female Twi’lek: “Lucky for you, your blood is already black. And now a word from our sponsor: Star Bucks!”

The Jedi in the Shadow

*A voice recording of a Female voice can be heard *

“The date, 37:7:14.”

*controlled breathing can be heard *

“It’s been a while since anyone came looking for me. I almost forgot that I had a price on my head. According to the last Bounty Hunter, I introduced to his ‘destiny’ it was a fairly significant amount. It seems like there are a group of individuals this time.”

*there is a long pause *

“The Force conveys to me that two of the six members are Force sensitive, however neither of them seem to be refined enough to be Jedi or Sith. I do sense the darkness in both of them. Shame really. There could be potential.”

*movement can be heard *

“It seems the children are trying find me. I admire their persistence. I can see them trying to touch the force to find me. Little do they know that I am a greater ally in the Force and she would never reveal my location without my permission. The Force knows this is not their path.”

*long silence can be heard *

“…and an interesting path they walk indeed. Little know of the hidden destruction the galaxy faces and yet they walk towards it; ignorant. I don’t much care that the darkness of the group will be consumed but for those that walk the path of the light I hope you are well prepared. But is their destiny to consume or to be consumed? Enough philosophy. A great darkness and a great light is about to descend on this planet soon and I don’t need any part of it.”

*the recording ends *

Journal 8

PCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpgPhoenix KnitePCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpg

-Phoenix Knite:-

landed on contacts planet
went into bar said guys name bar went dead
Intimidated bar got name of bum
we went to bumb he was blind but saw through force
talked about white rabbits aka the evil starbucks
mac held the guy as he took a shit and injected him with a virus that hurt him

PCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpgPhoenix KnitePCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpg

Dr. Rylar Stark - Super Scientist!
Success at the cost of failure

Dr. Rylor Stark is seen activating his holo recorder. He is in what appears to be a fully functional laboratory. There’s a medical droid plodding about, test tubes, beakers, lab mice in cages, two bacta tanks, and filmsi-plast tablets about. He is wearing a white lab coat, goggles, and the widest smile in the galaxy.

I’ve done it… I’VE done it… I’VE DONE IT!!!

No one can take this joy away from me! No one can replicate my success!! Why is that you ask? Because I, Dr. Rylor Stark, Esq., has taken the next great step in advancing the genome! Not just simple replication, like in the clone troopers. But manipulation of the genes. I have discovered how to coax a gene to express it’s fullest potential!!

Here on Bespin, I have become the galaxy’s premiere scientist. I am more than a scientist. I am MORE than a super scientist. I am SUPER SCIENTIST SUPREME!!! And to think it all started when this group of thugs I’m working with went into some underground death matches on Bespin.

How can a city in the clouds have an underground anyway?

In any case, they were fighting and betting on themselves. They one tons of credits, but I wound up the victor! They came back badly wounded. I can understand how they got that way, having pushed themselves to their physical limits. But now that they saw what those physical limits are (and thanks to Pyronkuse’s presence, I saw first hand) they wanted some means to exceed those limitations.

That’s when Jabra approached me with an idea. He inquired how he could surpass his physical limitations without cybernetics. Crafty Trandoshan. He wants to circumvent the limits of cybernetics. So I researched all the benefits that cybernetic implants could bring, and I decided that I could boost them biologically. Many mad doct… I mean super scientist… have tried before and failed. They used serums, drugs, ray guns, some hybrids of the Force and all the aforementioned. Most of them failed instantly. All of them failed eventually. But where they failed, I succeeded!

I alone thought of manipulating the host’s genetic code! It was as simple as acquiring some lab mice to test my hypothesis, and then I had a true discovery. I was able to make the mouse faster and smarter than he was previously. All I had to do was introduce the genetic modification in the form of a virus. Much like the fabled ark that saved mankind from the flood, I packed dominant and recessive genes into my new virus to be sure that it would seed in the body. The body was guaranteed to react to the stimuli of the invading virus.

I call my brain child the Ark Reactor!

Unfortunately, my sponsor did not reap the fruits of my genius. The virus wouldnt take in Jabra Rothgar’s Trandoshan physiology. I then decided that a simpler trial was needed. A more personal trial. I decided to unpack much of the virus’ effect, and give myself a taste of my own medicine… and it was glorious…. I was able to increase my brain output 20%! I was already one of the smartest men in the galaxy.

Now I am peerless.

But my new found intellect brought with it an enhanced curiosity. Why did the virus work on me, but not on Jabra? I originally thought that perhaps my findings didnt work on alien life forms. So I turned to my favorite guinea pig. I’m anxious to see what fruit Pyronkuse’s new found intellect will bring.

I’m even more anxious to see how I will manipulate it!

Journal 7
Very Rough Draft

PCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpgPhoenix KnitePCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpg

Phoenix Knite: BE NOT A COWARD, for one man armed with a just heart is more formidable than a thousand cowards with their swords and guns.

I silently concentrate on the first of 3 mantras taught to me by Phoenix, it steels my mind for the coming battle. It has been some time since I satiated my blood lust, preferring lately to fill it with other vices, greed, espionage, trickery. The crew cannot fathom, does not understand, my hate, my anger my pride. They see me only as the greed. Though I do not blame them, I also do not expect any of them to see past that which is in front of their eyes.

Phoenix Knite: BE NOT FEARFULL, for fear robs a just man of his nerve, steel yourself knowing that this day you do not fight, this day you do not battle, this day is the day of your reckoning. This day you devour, you destroy, you consume, you punish your enemies’ insolence, and hubris for the mere thought that they stand opposed to your might.

I can hear the crowd of this battle ground as Jabra Rothgar (PC) fights, A strong man well rounded though less suited for the battles I am preparing to undertake. He has a knack for command, for leadership, for the flare. He would be a valuable asset to Phoenix though I doubt he would be willing to be reborn.

Phoenix Knite: BE NOT AFRAID OF DEATH! The just shall live on immortalized in the hearts, the minds, the very souls of all those in witness. Earn the respect, the honor, the fear, you will instill in your enemies, your allies, and the bards alike. This day is not the day of days, this day is not the end nor the beginning, This day you earn your rebirth this day you show, you prove, you live die and be reborn This day you are phoenix.

The words fill my mind my heart, my being, my existence, strengthening me with its mystical powers. In my background the crowd explodes in excitement, the defining sounds billowing over and pouring itself into every dark crevice of this coliseum. A clever place, built like the roman coliseum of old. Though “underground” in this cloud city the ceiling is blanketed in holo panals simulating the outside world as seen fit by the operator. Rain, dusk, sunset, thunderstorms, sandstorms, all created and manifested by the touch of a single button. The coliseum itself littered with holo-grams of champions of old, legends of the underground or so I’m told. Jabra must have won His last battle. Though I do not dare allow anything to cloud my mind, hope despair, love hate, pride shame, all footholds for strength and weakness alike. I merely sit waiting Patient as the sweet stench of blood fear and evil clouds the air.

Phoenix Knite (PC)

Although I am sure there was a more intricate introduction by the announcer. My rank my name earned by my blood, sweat, and determination, is all I hear I slowly rise to my feet, every fiber, every breath, every thought clear to me. I walk into this battleground ready. My enemies only a stepping stone a small part of a larger fate.

Phoenix Knite: I do not bear you any ill will, nor resentment, nor malice. This day we are opposed forces but be not afraid, as I live on so shall you, as one who has fallen to my blade

The words weighted as I say them to this enemy to all enemies. Knowing they serve as a warning to all those who oppose me all those who stand before me all of my stepping stones. Fear shall serve me tonight. I nod my head in respect to this soul who will fall before me

Phoenix Knite: Honor yourself honor your family honor your legacy and fight hard

I whisper these words just loud enough for my opponent to hear me. This soul is scared, afraid, a coward. I decide his demise should be quick painless.

Announcer: FIGHT!!!

The word simple rings in my ears. It flips a switch inside me like letting loose a starving rabid dog. Yet with this blood lust this opponent shall grant me no excitement. I shall grant him mercy. Slowly and deliberately I walk to him, he stumbles over himself trying to decide wether he should flee or fight. I reach out to his mind with mine willing him to fight, the force aids me in this, almost too eager to help me snuff out this light. He charges his overhead attack slow unpolished and childish in his attempt. I parry it and decapitate him with my vibrosword.

Announcer: FIGHT!!! FIGHT!!!

The next 2 matches go the same. Matches unworthy of my prowess unworthy of my lust. I do not listen to the introductions nor do I care, I do not listen to the names of my fallen foes. The only thing I hear the only word that matters FIGHT

Announcer: Another dominating fight another foe dropped with a single blow. But do you want to see a real fight? Do you want to see what an unstoppable force does against an immovable object Phoenix Knite vs Our Undefeated Champion an unprecedented 6 years and running will this new comer bet his fortune his future his destiny his very soul against our champion?

The crowd is histerical again they chant the word I cannot ignore the word that drives me, pushes me, defines me.

Crowd: Fight! Fight!! Fight!!! FIGHT!!!! FIGHT!!!! FIGHT!!!!!

I haven’t felt so alive, seeing the coming of my death betting it all on a moment. Who will my opponent be, who will I face, what opponent has shaken me. The force wines its warnings like a crow in my head. Complaining even as it feeds off of the lives offered to it.

PCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpgPhoenix KnitePCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpg

Journal 6
Very Rough Draft

PCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpgPhoenix KnitePCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpg

  • The crew is chasing worm bats on the ship … and cant catch them the wookie is punching the ship causing the power to spike and go out
  • They found 7 chewing the ship
  • Chris mac his niece kill 2
  • Mother of the worm bat creatures come out I try to force move them and throw them into the mother to kill them all. End up almost destroying the ship by crushing a electric cable. force crush?
  • They kill the mother and the rest
  • We make a landing to make repairs on Bestin
  • Ashley Found justins alt char in a bar who needs a humans chars soul. As his butler contract
  • I went to the Mega-low mart tried to negotiate to save money didnt work twilik got her manager
  • crew tried to get me to convince a twilik to be a slave 9k was a tempting offer
  • Jabra went to bestin employment center (BEC) to put us in a money making situation
  • Find a job transporting item x that we need suits for
  • Decide to look for bounties on the planet as well so we can kill 2 birds with one stone
  • Found bounty for a jedi knight on bestin instead
  • Decided to go after the jedi instead of the excort mission.
  • Realized i will need a lot of discipline to get my force powers to work did a shit ton of meditation to raise my level hopefully

PCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpgPhoenix KnitePCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpg

Another Day, Another Problem!
again with the plotting and violence?!

Holo log Pyronkuse:

Pyron appears in the view screen

“Its been a while since my last log” he says as he leans into his chair. “today I had to deal with some energy draining bats that were ruining my ship. My brand new ship!! I hate pests”
He strokes the console in front of him as he would a pet, “I even damaged my vessel dealing with them…. poor thing. We landed in a fairly decent planet. parts and equipment as well as supplies needed were found rather quickly. I stayed on the ship of course to fix up the beauty. And to keep out of sight… who knows who’s out there and if they are looking for a wookiee.
We even picked up a stray human. I’m keeping my eye on him for the time being… he claims he’s a butler…. could be nice to have a nice clean ship every now and again…. if that is his intention that is.”

They wanted to pick up a job to earn a little extra creds…. they had a choice of delivery…. which is a fine and low profile job…… or bounty hunting…… killing for hire

with a tired voice he speaks Xaczik “ggrrrrrryyyphhh waaaaa woooommm. quarrrrr yyyyoooo veeen errrarrkish. aruruuurr draaaaaash rwaaamph rha. craaaaaaaar oooorrrrrd reeeeash reeeem”

He looks around to see if anyone was nearby “Xaakksichhss ffrrrrr kkkaaaaash phoooaaarrr. uuurraaaa crreeea meehh hhhhhoooaoaaah”
The wookie looks frustrated and concerned, “Rrrraaannn haaaa, aaaamooaas trrruuuuaaa!!! ckkkrrrrrrroaooaaa frrrreeea nmmmooooak.”
He speaks in a low rumbling voice. " Juuushhrdrdrdrdr hhaaaannnn groaxx woooodreeeess frrrreeennnphh. Drrrriiin nooeooerr krrruk…"

the holo goes blank.

Journal 5
Very Rough Draft

PCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpgPhoenix KnitePCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpg

found myself negotiating with the person that the crew, received, acquired, stole, their ship from. sitting in a bar surrounded by a 21 gun salute. I get ready to destroy 9 of them. jabra asks me to be subtle. The extent of the crews involvement. so instead of just out right killing them i decide to hold the trigger of 9 of their guns. fortuitous the owner of the ship gives us once chance to save our necks. I step in to save the crew and use the force to help negotiate our release and if the force allows it our profit. I end up talking us out of being killed/killing his whole crew although im sure he didnt know. and talked him into gving us a new ship as well as 4k in money and a contract to pirate and sell ships to him at a 65% of the new sale price. the 4k becomes ship money aka jabra money although not all of it was used by him. However the new ship negotiated to be a crew ship turns into jabra ship. I guess I can allow myself to be used as an asset as long as i dont end up getting used that will not due for my trial. I should have let him negotiate for “his” ship though. would have been interesting. No matter patience and time will see me compensated.

PCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpgPhoenix KnitePCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpg

I'll take the case!!
... and I'll stitch the patient... at the same time...

“Winter is cold and ever nigh”
These are the words of House Stark; a family that was ancient when the hyper-drive was invented. The motto is simple to understand. It just means that troubled times are approaching. Nothing too terribly deep.

My family chose for their sigil the Snowy Owl; a bird that is camouflaged in the snow. Its funny, because ever since trouble came in the form of Trade Federation ships, my family has hidden in the background. My parents prefer not to get involved in the galaxy’s problems. My father’s house fell when he was a boy, and he seems almost relieved to be relegated to being an afterthought of nobility. Winter isnt just nigh for the Starks. It’s now.

But that’s where I am different. Rylor Stark will restore wealth and honor to the Stark name, even if Otto Stark wishes it otherwise. And the crew of the Nighthawk will provide me that opportunity.

Case in point. A bounty hunter attacked the ship. I believe his name was Mairo Heart. The bounty hunter used all kinds of tech on us: a bounty hunting droid sidekick, electromagnetic gas, and most notably thermal detonators. Enough thermal detonators were attached to the exterior hull of the ship to disintegrate 80% of the city. My quick thinking and Ardana Ni’ete’s deft fingers were all that stood between the city and total destruction.

The Ni’ete twins. Weren’t they supposed to be dead? I was happy that they were dead, honestly. I so despise the newly wealthy.

In any case, Ardana and I manipulate the ventilation controls to get the electromagnetic gas out of the ship. The success of this tactic was twofold: It allowed Pyronkuse, who was affected by the gas for some reason, and CT-S1 to get up and continue to fight the bounty hunters. It also allowed us to use the gas to our advantage. We allowed the gas to spill outside of our ship and deactivate the thermal detonators attached to our hull. That was where the bounty hunters took their leave, cutting a whole through or already carbon scored hull and making their escape. Pyronkuse then collapsed.

And that’s where I saw my opportunity. Like the Snowy Owl hidden against the winter snow, I went unnoticed until it was time to strike. Perhaps I can use this chaos the bounty hunters left in their wake to my advantage. If I can study Pyronkuse’s blood, I can learn how this gas was simultaneously able to affect droids, the ship, and all carbon based life on board. I can perhaps craft a vaccine against it. There’s much to be learned by studying Pyronkuse’s blood…

and perhaps more to be learned by studying the Wookie himself…

Then there’s mister Rothgar. I’ll have to come up with some defense for an accused terrorist while I treat a patient and find some rest all within a planetary cycle. Sounds like winter is cold an nigh indeed. Good thing that this owl is ready for the winter.


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