Alien Among the Galaxy

After the disappearance
Ct-S1 file journal 201-17-375.01

…………..system restart
power online
memory system active
rotors operational
sensors online
back up data online
memory check . . .
. . .memory error . . . memory damage . . . information missing . . .
Last known input . . .memory wipe
Begin memory clear . . . error . . . memory data corruption . . . damaged memory can not be cleared . Reset basic memory . . . bypassing . . . system bypass complete . . . damaged data saved . . . corrupted data saved . . . missing data not recovered
memory systems in need of repair . . . locate file not found . . . bypass . . .bypass complete . . . full system restart . . .
visual sensors active
voice system active
voice modulator active
complete last statement
“. . . Not a member of . . .”
Observation: . . . Humanoid species file: Trandoshan “title unknown”
Query: Where am I, what’s going on?
Trandoshan title unknown “I’m your new master lets get out of here.”
Conclusion: "Understood master, please lead the way.
Translation: trandoshan is current owner. Information added to appendix. voice recording and speech pattern saved.
Observation: . . . Humanoid species file: Twi’lek “title unknown”
Observation: . . . Humanoid species file: Twi’lek “title unknown”
Observation: . . . Humanoid species file: Wookiee “title unknown”
Observation: Humanoids are a potential source for memory recover, maintain protocol droid behaviors.
Incursion: Biological escaping group vs Droids . . . inferior combat models B1
Exclamation: "confirmation wookiee is a MADCLAW, standard behavior of animal attack, ran upon droid opponents and broke arm components from droid, MADCLAW did not attempt to locate civilized weapon of any type.
Observation: Wookiee is A BREAKER
Incursion: Humanoid species file: Gamorrean holding conversation with Twi’lek “title unknown” . . . Twi’lek used mating conversation to alter Gamorrean opinion of escaping group.
Observation: Twi’lek is highly active in breeding with other biological, she is the overly active type, A BREEDER
Observation: Twi’lek secondary displays advanced computer usage maintain observation possible source for memory recover need more data to complete analyses. current label A BUILDER
Commentary: conversation held with Biological entities, Wookiee A BREAKER refutes MADCLAW status, but it did not try to find civilized weapon for attack. contrary: MADCLAW does display ability with mechanical and maintained repairs to ship during escape combat.
(echo) . . . did that wookiee use its claws or hands? . . . *
Translation: Maby wookiee can but A BUILDER and A BREAKER at the same time?
Obersvation: arrival at File planet: Sulius van
Action:- *-voice deception:- acquisition Ship … data transfer … Starwind Pleasure Yacht:
Activation: Piloting-Space systems … system malfunction… override… Activation: Piloting-Space systems issue correction… Piloting-Space escape complete.

Holo Log Entry 1
What do a Trandoshan, a Wookie, a droid, and Twi'lek twins have in common?

Holo recorder activates to show Jabra Rothgar dropping himself into a luxurious chair in a large room aboard a space craft.

HOW THE SLAG DID I WIND UP IN A CONUNDRUM LIKE THIS?!? In a cantina in the middle of nowhere, being chased by a bounty hunter. Running around the galaxy with a droid, two Twi’leks and a Wookiee?!? A Baay Shfat Wookiee! Thank the Scorekeeper I’m even still alive. That Wookiee is a horrible shot. He blew up a whole cantina trying to save me and CT-S1 from a Bounty Hunter… and STILL missed the BH! Who does that?!? Ahgr!…

grimaces in pain

Speaking of shot, that BH shot me.

Now where did it all begin? The last thing I remember was working a job on Kashyyyk. For a team of Trandoshans, grabbing and selling a few dozen Wookiees to the Hutts or to the Empire is easy money. That job would go far in paying off my debt. Next thing I know, I’m in a slagging cell with a Twi’lek with no knowledge of how I got there. Thankfully, the Scorekeeper was looking out for me.

My luck has always been exceptional. Even in this bind, I lucked my way out of the cell. I somehow fat fingered the computer near the cell door, and I was out of there in no time flat. Figured the droid would be in the same state of memory loss that I am. Five small words, and I’ve got a new droid! Though, he turned out to not be the droid I’m looking for, he’s still quite useful. CT-S1 is his name. Some kind of custom purpose droid near as I can tell. He must have belonged to a smuggler previously. He knows all kinds of back alley docking areas. That’s good to know.

We smash our way out of the holding facility pretty easily. There were a couple of old B1 battle droids working security. B1 Battle Droids I’m insulted. At the same time, two of them proved useful. Those Twi’lek sisters each grabbed a droid and managed to make them follow their commands. One’s got a thing for data pads and slicing anything with a hard drive. That may prove useful too. She goes by the name of Ardana Ni’ete. What kind of Twi’lek name is that?!? Seems rich though. I wonder if someone out there is willing to pay for her safe return… The other one is Asudam Ni’ete. Typical Twi’lek slut. Though I didnt realize how useful having a slut on your team can be. Apparently, Gammoreans will try to have sex with anything. Ugh…

Then there’s Pyronkuse. CT-S1 has taken to calling him “Breaker”. I guess watching a Wookiee rip a few driods’ arms off will traumatize even an artificial intelligence. He’s typical Wookiee scum. A savage posing as an intellectual. He even tried to hack my droid. Still, even scum can be useful. And when I’ve used that scum to his fullest, I’ll swab him up, and toss him out.

A nefarious look comes over Jabra’s face.

Life’s not all bad though. Damn BH and his droid jumped us in the cantina. But before that, he told us we have tracking devices in us, and we’d need to get rid of them for proper sport. I’m sure there’s a way to turn that tracking device into a weakness. I’ll have to run an idea by the new crew. We have this Pleasure Yacht we’ve named the Night Hawk. I own the droid pilot, so I guess that makes me the Captain. Captain Jabra Rothgar… I like the sound of that!

I cant get so caught up in figuring out what happened and dodging a charred and pissed off Bounty Hunter that I lose sight of what I’m working for in the first place. We need a big score. Something big enough that I can send some creds back home, and have some to live on, while paying this crew. I’m sure they wont work for free.

Now. What dirty deeds can earn us some cred flow…

Jabra looks away contemplatively as the transmission ends

Dairy 1 My sister and me me me
held at gun point #235987

Today we landed on dagaba and it looks like crap so if we decide to head out into this hell whole of muk. They must be out of their &^%$%&% minds and I’ll say i want to go but really not because I’m to pretty to head in the muk. But i went through my sisters stuff and found a new outfit she had so i tried it on AND IT FIT! Sooooooo I’m going to hide and keep it cuz she’s to techie do do anything with it huh….

It’s been a while since i heard from her so I’m worried. I linked her and she looked like a swamp turd and inside i could not stop laughing.

So everyone returned and they were talking then apparently again, here we go; they want to hold me ransom… AGAIN! and this time it was the worst. One droid with red ray eyes, a trandoshan and filthy human scum, with a big gun trying to compensate for something. So they tied me up and it was bad; the worst attempt to tie a hostage, so i undid it and retied and this time its was hard to get out. A good job if I say myself but for some reason our butler, my fav dog wants me dead. Hmmmmm… I wonder Y. Oh well another ransom, another hostage and now…


Log Entry 1 -Danika Lux

- Cuts on holo log-
- Starts entry-

I am not heartless…
Nor am I weak.
But carrying out Prenom’s request has been more taxing then rewarding. And that is putting it lightly.

I hired help a human.To help me track her apparently fugitive father. Tracked him to the homeland of muck and slime!!! Dago-something or other. My counterpart and I crashed landed into the mucky slime filled planet. And had to hit the distress beacon.

Then while waiting we opened the door…and muck poured in…and I HAD to swim out…swim through muck! AND slime..unknown slime…

When I was saved by a Wookie….an apparently over excited one who shook me so violently….i don’t quite remember what happened…..but then I woke with Jabrar going through my pockets or attempting to…ungrateful wretch! I am here to help him. Help his daughter….apparently the apple feel far from that tree.

After his failed attempt to harm me I went with him and his band of fugitives back to there ship..
What else could I do?
My ship was consumed by the disgusting slime muck of this planet.

Long story short. I delivered Prenom’s message…and now I am ship-less and still have to help her bumbling father. Who came up with the bright….i will admit it was bright…idea to ransom two twi’leks to their family….

I feel personally like this will only end in some type of chaos. And if it does I will survive.

- Ends transmission-

Phoenix Knite Journal 1
Journal Entry 1

PCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpgPhoenix KnitePCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpg

Click …. Click …. Click ….

Another contract has me aboard this random ship… patient silent deadly. My time will come my revenge will come, but for now a client Danika Lux has hired me. Names are unimportant results my only … refuge solace reason. My marc a man named Jabra Rothgar. My client’s thoughts betray her she knows nothing of the force but then again most don’t. I have to remain vigilant to not lift her justified ignorance, if it is not warented. Never before have I ventered into space so ill prepared no information, Only a beacon allowing us to track the mark. I check my armor my weapons y connection to the force. With those I am always prepared
Click …. Click …. Click ….

We crash land on a planet… unknown, green, oozing. The force has a weird sense of humor. I save all that is mine … honor, oath, my weapons. There is no way out, I can’t use the force to move an object this big. Only one choice as we drop into the muck. Popping the hatch; it proves vital for me nearly fatal to Danika Lux. I cant just leave her to drown in this much. The force assists me in my attempt to save her with a nearby branch but she does not save herself. You can only lead a horse to water.

Click …. Click …. Click ….

I sense a mind approaching. Hide, stalking, disappearing, is all I can do. Maybe they will pull her out the muck before they kill her, then I will strike. I test my Gun as I hide feeling the mind … feral, wild, strong … Pyronkuse I find his name to be later. This mind has not the feel of the assassin that killed my family, but he does save the client, Is this of fortune or folly I will hide until I find out. No sense killing those who make me no money or pose no threat. That and if a wookie is here there must be a ship off this planet.

Click …. Click …. Click ….

I steady … my mind, my hand, my thoughts … as I was taught by phoenix the mercenary group that found me when my family was … destroyed, massacred, killed 1 … 2 … 3 … everything in 3’s everything. More minds I touch none of them the –assassin-but Ardana Ni’ete, CT-S1 and, Jabra Rothgar. To my surprise though this is the man I have been hired to bring the client to. But I have been spotted by the droid. I am better than that But this droid has sense he remains quite as I … hide, conceal, disappear … apparently even droids no fear

Click …. Click …. Click ….

The client seems to have some sense she talks her way into not being killed but she gives away my presence… what can I expect from those not initiated. I go with them exchanging names gaining trust bit mostly I keep to myself … learning spying plotting. It seems the man I was hired to find is in debt, a huge debt. Somehow I don’t think this will go well. Desperate men are dangerous they are unpredictable, and the power of sympathy is strong. Almost ingenious is his plan to pay this enormous debt though. The force has a weird sense of humor. Ransom the 2 daughters of a rich family Ardana Ni’ete and Asudam Ni’ete but keep them alive smart very smart. What’s the worst that can happen, I am sure the emergency beacon that Is going off on the clients ship won’t come back to bite us

Click …. Click …. Click ….

PCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpgPhoenix KnitePCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpg

Test subjects -907b/ -835b/ -735b/ -675b and -676b
Sluis Van massacre

File label [Sluis Van massacre]
review information and collect data for re-assimulation of test subjects.
. . .
. . .
Audio file, 873-67kr20.1092
. . . Play
{Docking engineer}
“This is Sluis Van space port control, your ship is not broadcasting your IDC, please send IDC OVER.”
. . .
“Again this is Sluis Van port control, send your IDC, OVER
. . .
{static voice}
“Sorry about that, this is MS NightShade Pass code 0.15.98AC5-6 , tech and shielding samples for trade . . .OVER
. . .
{Docking engineer}
“Rojer that, You are clear for landing in dock C19. Please enjoy your visit. OVER
. . .
End audio file
Data files corrupted, IDs and ship IDC invalid…. Inform local authorities… … … system down … busy… download error… information saved for review and resolution… stored file 99987624421 in line for possessing.
Video File C937561-98.21
no audio
. . .
Trandoshan subject-907b , Droid subject-835b , Wookiee subject-735b , twi’lek 1 subject-675b twi’lek 2 subject-676b exiting docking bay C19, heading toward main street.
. . .
End video file.
Video File 3798-267.0009
. . .
Audio jammed
. . .
audio muted

A trandoshan, droid, wookiee and two twi’leks walk into Javrges Cantiena. The group looks around and settals at the bar. the trandoshan orders food and service’s, the droid walks over to another patron,
[ID file] Tral’fargo Pelten known smuggler, 27 known accomplice’s, rebel sympathizer, under surveillance for contact with rebel alliance.
image becomes fuzzy…
… system error … data corruption…
image becomes clear…
the Javrges Cantiena is empty
explosion in door way, viewer goes fuzzy
End video file.
. . .
intro music
{Keashran Vocalb}
THIS is Keas’hran Vocalb of Sluis city Vendria, reporting to you live from main street here in the outskirts of the city town.(display crater shes standing next to) Here massive death and destruction has exploded and rocked the small city to its knees.” (paning view of several blocks reduced to smoke and ash)
“local law enforcement is baffled at the amount of devastation caused by the unknown group ,but our sources inform us that they are rebel sympathizers and the attack was due to a questioning about licenses that ended in violence.”
{(back round audio)} OH MY GOD!!!!!! MY SON!!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!! NOO!!!!!!!
(A blurry holo image of trandoshan and droid with weapons drawn, standing over another droid and a human)
(panning video of injered on ground) "over 75 wounded, dozens dead and early estimates account well over 3.5 million credits in damages. (map of city area displaying more then 3/4s of the city destroyed) This is the worse terrorists attack sense the Wodown event which killed 30 people and caused almost half a million credits in damage to the Wodown building.
Holo image of ruined building, a big Wo sits atop the ruble
“If anyone has any information leading to the capture or confinement of these individuals that person will receive a 750,000 credit reward.” ….. I’m also getting an update … as we have no farther leads the individuals responsible must be brought in alive for questioning, she chuckle or at least mostly alive… just no disintegration…"
closing music starts
“We will have more on these tragic events tonight at 10”
. . .
. . .
. . .
Positive ID on test subjects -907b/ -835b/ -735b/ -675b and -676b . . . .
send additional trackers…. increase public reward for capture to expedite subject return , if subjects recovered by bounty hunter or another, out side of planetary law enforcement eliminate and erase.
. . .
re-assimulation of test subjects top priority.
. . .
File close

What we know of Dagobah

“Now hold on a sec there youngster!”
“Of course I know what happened after that!”
“Just… give.. me… a sec!”
“Now… * rifles through several data pads* my family discovered. That… they… * several holo recorders crash to the ground*”
“… Ah! They retreated to a planet called Dagobah to escape the authorities and several other ‘interested parties’ ".
“Lesser Bothans would have lost the trail of information seeing how it has next to no denizens on the planet itself, however my family is resilient in the search for secrets.”
“They have collected several documentations of the group on that planet."
“For instance we have the memory files of the astromech droid of a Bounty Hunter and her hired associate that submerged beneath the planet’s ‘Flora’ ".

:: Astromech Droid Designation- R2H7
:: Ownership Status – Rented
:: Owner – Danika Lux (Temporary)
:: Other Occupant(s) – Unknown ( +1 Human)
:: Destination: Sluis Van
- - - Course corrected to Dagobah
:: Updated Status: Crashing – -
:: Updated Status: Crashed – -
:: Updated Status: Submerging – -
:: Distress Beacon Activated
:: Updated Status: All Occupants have vacated the vehicle
- - — Initiating Self Preservation Protocols - - -
Attempting to auto eject
- - — Analyzing cause - -
. . .
. . .
. . .
:: Manual Release of vehicle Hatch has jammed Astromech locking mechanism
:: Looping auto eject function
. . .
. . .
:: WA%HO&087*8YHIOUy8Y*

“That seems to be it for that file. We also have Holo-images of a Wookie salvaging from a downed satellite around the same time.”
“Who cares? The images suggest that he is the same Wookie that was instrument in the Massacre of Sluis Van!”
“No all Wookies do not look alike!”
“Alright, one of the key documents we recovered was found among several piles of scrap metal. It was a damaged audio recording device. Although grainy we overhear, what we assume to be, the group fighting among themselves.”

(Hissy Trandoshan voice): How many credits are we talking?
(inaudible response.)
(Hissy Trandoshan voice): Let * static* privately.
(seconds of silence)
(Pleaing Twi’lek voice): We all know Jabra is in this * static* * static*..self but if you help * lots of static* And I have a lot of credits.
(Gritty Human voice): How many creds are we talking.
*Loud inaudiable static *
(after several seconds of static)
(Hissy Trandoshan voice): … going to put on a show!
(nothing audible was found after that statement)

“So what do you make of that?”
“What do ‘I’ make of it? Well obviously… um… Jabra is that Human voice and… they need… um the credits for… for a show! Obviously!”
“Look! I know what I’m talking about! Now to find what happened next…”

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

The floating holodrone captures an image of a wookiee maintaining the ships plating

Growling and grumbling Pyronkuse complains.
" I only want to help our get away from those bounty hunter…. I hate Bounty hunters!!! been running for so long….. i dont even know how to use those gunning devices…… I only wanted to frighten them……….."

Growling and grumbling starts to sound like whining and remorse
“all those people…….. I hope they didnt suffer……….. I never want to hurt people…….”

He then remembers saving 3 others lives from drowning in the degoba muk.
“at least i helped some people…. they seem like they’ll be able to help …… one of the new crew seems a bit sketchy.”

growling he questions his new companions.
" the twi’leks are apparently rich and the transdoshan wants to ransom them for credits…..tis an interesting band of rouges i’ve stumbled into

Holo Log Entry 2
Showtime at the Nighthawk

Jabra powers on holo recorder. He’s got a sly half smile on his face.

You know, I should be pissed.

Why should I be pissed, you ask? One word. Dagobah. A nothing doing, backwater planet, with no signs of intelligent life. This is where CT-S1 landed us in our escape from Sulis Vann. An uninhabited planet can be an excellent hideout. But not Dagobah.

Dagobah is a bog planet. Tons of lifeforms, and not a sentient among them. And I can see why. The whole group nearly drowned in the swamp today. shutters Myself included. Thank the Scorekeeper I was able to crawl out before the Wookiee arrived to save us. It makes sense that the savage was so comfortable out there. This place is no different than Kashyyyk.

Then genius struck. Or tragedy, depending on how you view it.

We met Danika, a bounty hunter who was looking for me. And Phoenix Knite, her bounty hunting associate. So after we engaged in aggressive negotiations, we came to the realization that Danika’s ship had crash landed on Dagobah in her pursuit of me. But she wasnt after the price on my head, or the price I’m sure is on the group. She came with information for me about Prenom. Apparently the gangsters who have been funding her treatment have sold my debt to Star Bucks, the galaxy’s largest lender.

I now owe Star Bucks 900,000 creds. That’s the tragedy.

Now for the opportunity…

That’s when I realize I have two rich Twi’leks on board. Suddenly, companions become captives. I have two hostages smiles slyly at holorecorder. But there’s a wrinkle in the story. When I make the ransom call, the butler picks up. He then asks me how much it will cost to just kill the two Twi’leks.

It’s always the damned butler. Disloyal bantha poodoo.

But with that comes opportunity. I can wipe out my debt and reveal this traitorous scum for what he is. I cant trust him though. That’s why we’re going to put on a show for him. We’ll kill the Twi’leks alright. But we’ll do it my way.

A series of unfortunate events

While riding through space…Got a call from a butler guy gave me 1000 credits staring….to complete a contract. Aaaah a contract I haven’t stretched my legs in a long time. The coordinates are on a difficult planet I was distracted….FUCK!…crash landed and was approached by a strange human Phoenix Knite who moved my ship out of the muck with his mind…agreed to help me repair my ship and to keep his secret to myself.
He informs of his crew who can help me repair my ship….
I see with him and his crew money equals trust and I (even though I hate to admit it) need help and I’m being guaranteed money so..for now I trust them. We are flying for me to (reluctantly) sell my ship (eh for the love of money and the gaining of trust i suppose) meanwhile the members of the crew are talking about this ludicrous plan to take on Starbucks.
Damn! I really love their coffee and tea…if it makes money and it helps me reach my ultimate situation I guess I will go along with all of this madness.
*Meditates on my current situation and my ultimate contract *
I have a long trip ahead of me but my training teaches me that patience is the key to absolute success.


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