Alien Among the Galaxy

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.


The floating holodrone captures an image of a wookiee maintaining the ships plating

Growling and grumbling Pyronkuse complains.
" I only want to help our get away from those bounty hunter…. I hate Bounty hunters!!! been running for so long….. i dont even know how to use those gunning devices…… I only wanted to frighten them……….."

Growling and grumbling starts to sound like whining and remorse
“all those people…….. I hope they didnt suffer……….. I never want to hurt people…….”

He then remembers saving 3 others lives from drowning in the degoba muk.
“at least i helped some people…. they seem like they’ll be able to help …… one of the new crew seems a bit sketchy.”

growling he questions his new companions.
" the twi’leks are apparently rich and the transdoshan wants to ransom them for credits…..tis an interesting band of rouges i’ve stumbled into



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