Alien Among the Galaxy

Dairy 1 My sister and me me me

held at gun point #235987

Today we landed on dagaba and it looks like crap so if we decide to head out into this hell whole of muk. They must be out of their &^%$%&% minds and I’ll say i want to go but really not because I’m to pretty to head in the muk. But i went through my sisters stuff and found a new outfit she had so i tried it on AND IT FIT! Sooooooo I’m going to hide and keep it cuz she’s to techie do do anything with it huh….

It’s been a while since i heard from her so I’m worried. I linked her and she looked like a swamp turd and inside i could not stop laughing.

So everyone returned and they were talking then apparently again, here we go; they want to hold me ransom… AGAIN! and this time it was the worst. One droid with red ray eyes, a trandoshan and filthy human scum, with a big gun trying to compensate for something. So they tied me up and it was bad; the worst attempt to tie a hostage, so i undid it and retied and this time its was hard to get out. A good job if I say myself but for some reason our butler, my fav dog wants me dead. Hmmmmm… I wonder Y. Oh well another ransom, another hostage and now…




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