Alien Among the Galaxy


What do you do when you dont trust your lawyer?

Jabra Rothgar activates his hidden holo recorder. The scene opens up to him in a very confined space with mop buckets and broom sticks all around him.

A few weeks ago, I was Jabra Rothgar: I Hired Gun doing all he can to save his terminally ill daughter. A few days ago, I was Jabra Rothgar: a man on the verge of clearing his name through the discovery of an awesome power.

Today, I’m Inmate #TD074-655R, a Trandoshan hiding in a supply closet filming a holo journal while guards and two angry Wookiees search for me.

How did I fall so low?

Have I forsaken the Scorekeeper? I dont believe so. Then again, I have been too tolerant of the Wookie in my midst. Perhaps the Scorekeeper is punishing me for tolerating this sack of walking points. After all, I am in prison for his actions.

Then there’s my legal representation. Who is this Rylor Stark? He seems to be just another useless human. May the Scorekeeper help him if that’s true. No one will keep me from saving Prenom. If I have to spill blood to save my daughter from Star Bucks, then the blood of Pyronkuse and Dr. Rylor Stark will be first!



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