combat butler


Hobby: Butler
Life: Butler
Job: soul carrier and taker


Good evening “And I am one Hell of a Butler” Sebastian… i’m a descendant from the butler from unknown i came here to this dimension to serve my master to give him souls. In order to do so my masters must have had this contract signed in blood.

I _________________ hereby understand that in signing this contact that i’m grant to use the powers and skills of this butler and he aloud to do so of mine until the desire in which i want is accomplished i well relinquish my soul to the butler if cannot complete my mission and task until my death i give my soul to this butler. in addition i’m am also have access to use command spells which if this butler refuses to do he must do so if all three commands spells are expended the contract is broken and the soul well be given to this butler. this butler is also contact to sere and act as only and only this person personal butler to as needed to complete the signed person task and or mission.

Lastly two owners r binned to this
one non human ^#$!&%#&(!&^
seocned human __________________________

*bqpwurgdfjk;brsd;jfncirv jiergh rfsi’djfparfjdn;gf;aushfjpi’dhv;uag

Contract benefits
both Servant and master can aid other in any skill that each my use at anytime
Both Servent and Master are allowed to use any specialization at 4 strain per use

*once signed a painful burned insgina is placed in signed persons left eye


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