CT-S1 (PC)



Name,CT-S1 / Race,Droid / Class,Smuggler / Specialization,Pilot / Age,200(droid years) / Height,5’6"/ Build,Average / Color,gun metal / Eyes,Red sensor

Soak(2) Wound(11) Strain(11) Defense(R-0/M-0)

  • Brawn (1)
  • Agility (3)
  • Intellect (1)
  • Cunning (2)
  • Willpower (1)
  • Presence (1)

Social Class ( Down and Out ) After being removed from his maker and old ship BD-Nightshade, associating with lower and lower class hominoids, this droid is now at the bottom of the galactic barrel.
Background Hook ( Opportunity Knocks ) Having been reactivated with a group of strangers droid life never stops. The time to return to glory is now, but getting there will take work. . . and hyper jets.

  • Obsession (10) To follow all orders given, and to disobey when forced.

Species Droid Model type (IG Assassin Droid)


A smuggler Droid, built by the infamous Contell U’Nruting. CT-S1 is a prototype droid built from scratch, using parts of the Hunter tracker series and the memories systems of Astromech droids. This droid was built as a pilot/gunner but capable of filling any role as a member of a flight crew. Before the Mysterious and untimely death of Contell, CT-S1 ran cargo and smuggled as the co-pilot on the BD-Nightshade a cargo ship modified by Contell for smuggling. During the good years CT-S1 displayed behavioral patterns as unpredictable as biological entities, with subtle obsessive compulsive droid tendencies. CT-S1 treats other droids as ignorant inferior beings but displaying a full range of emotions at their treatment by biological entities. All biological life forms are either “A Breeder” “A Breaker” or “A Builder” in CT-S1’s sensors.

+5 XP increase /game session

CT-S1 (PC)

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