Alien Among the Galaxy

Journal 9

PCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpgPhoenix KnitePCQ1f_35xeKxAvGCNwSo-KXH17BugKE8OLo3qrSl3kBmAHeHoGod3A__.jpg

Ran back to ship messed up
Droid had a restraining bolt n him taken off by pyronkuse
Disk with pyronkuse name on it watched disk “The company” told pyronkuse to bring schimatic of sun crusher
Found ship was sentient
Went to moon best laid plan fail
Levies dead killed by company
Picked up a human child who was used as contact for the company
Got message for pyronkuse for second meeting on alderaan
The company took ardonna and assuna



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