Alien Among the Galaxy

The Jedi in the Shadow

*A voice recording of a Female voice can be heard *

“The date, 37:7:14.”

*controlled breathing can be heard *

“It’s been a while since anyone came looking for me. I almost forgot that I had a price on my head. According to the last Bounty Hunter, I introduced to his ‘destiny’ it was a fairly significant amount. It seems like there are a group of individuals this time.”

*there is a long pause *

“The Force conveys to me that two of the six members are Force sensitive, however neither of them seem to be refined enough to be Jedi or Sith. I do sense the darkness in both of them. Shame really. There could be potential.”

*movement can be heard *

“It seems the children are trying find me. I admire their persistence. I can see them trying to touch the force to find me. Little do they know that I am a greater ally in the Force and she would never reveal my location without my permission. The Force knows this is not their path.”

*long silence can be heard *

“…and an interesting path they walk indeed. Little know of the hidden destruction the galaxy faces and yet they walk towards it; ignorant. I don’t much care that the darkness of the group will be consumed but for those that walk the path of the light I hope you are well prepared. But is their destiny to consume or to be consumed? Enough philosophy. A great darkness and a great light is about to descend on this planet soon and I don’t need any part of it.”

*the recording ends *



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